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Activity: Make Your Own Quilt

Make Your Own Quilt Activity Evaluation

Teacher Directions

This activity is intended to be used after the "Make Your Own Quilt Activity" as students' self-evaluation of their quilt bock and explanation. The activity may be completed using a variety of technology configurations or students may complete it in hard text format.

1. Students locate their quilt blocks and written explanations for self-evaluation.

2. Using Resource 1, "Self-Evaluation of Make Your Own Secret Quilt Activity," students complete the questionnaire by indicating "yes" or "no" in the designated block. Then they revise their work by adding more to the quilt blocks or making their reasons stronger in their writing.

3. Students self-evaluate their revised work by using Resource 2, the rubric for "Make Your Own Quilt" activity.

4. Allow for interaction with peers by having students evaluate each other's quilt block and explanation.

5. In order to assist students with scanning for information in electronic text, use the two web links, "Make Your Own Secret Quilt Activity", and "The Secret of Quilts," to locate examples of different patterns of quilts. Students may gather their information on the "Symbol Chart," Resource 3.

6. It is important for students to summarize what they have learned about the quilt symbols and patterns. Review how quilt symbols were useful to slaves in communicating with one another during the Underground Railroad. Assist students in their summarization of the quilt symbols and uses by completing a cause and effect graphic organizer of their own or a cause and effect graphic organizer located in Resource 4 or in Using the chart, have students predict what the effect of the use of a quilt block might be on slaves' actions. Students may select 5 quilt symbols for charting on the graphic organizer.

Overarching Directions for Student Use

During this activity, you will be self-evaluating the work you completed in "Make Your Own Quilt Activity." You will have a chance to reflect on your quilt block and symbol with a checklist and then revise your work based on your own evaluation. You will use a rubric to evaluate your final draft and then extend your work by examining other quilt blocks the slaves used in their journey to the north on the Underground Railroad. Finally, you will have a chance to summarize what you learned on a graphic organizer that will list the effects of the use of quilt blocks by slaves. You will have learned more about the secret symbols the slaves used to communicate during their escape. Good luck with your work in this activity!

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