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Primary Source Documents

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GENERAL ASSEMBLY (Laws) 1841, Chapter 272. L919 MdHR 820923

GENERAL ASSEMBLY (Laws) 1842, Chapter 163. L921 MdHR 820924.

GOVERNOR (Miscellaneous Papers) 1857 MSA S 1274-56.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Easton Gazette Collection) The Easton Gazette Vol. XLI, No. 36. August 28, 1858. M 11028 MSA SC 2940.
[1.15 MB PDF File]

The Independent Vol. XIV, No. 17. July 31, 1862.

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U.S. CENSUS BUREAU (Census Record, MD) Phebe Myers, 1850, Queen Anne’s County, Election District 1 Page 148 [MSA SM61-143, M1500-1]

QUEEN ANNE’S COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT (Criminal Docket) Phoebe Myers, November Term 1855 [MSA C1385-69, 2-1-4-19]

MARYLAND PENITENTIARY (Prisoners Record) Phoebe Myers, 20 December 1855, Volume 1811-1869 Prisoner Number 4967 [MSA S275-2, 1-30-4-38]

SECRETARY OF STATE (Pardon Record) Phoebe Myers, 6 May 1856, Volume 1845-1865 Page 213 [MSA S1108-2, 2-26-5-30]

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Last Will and Testament of Ann Mathews. (Transcript)

Maryland State Archives SECRETARY OF STATE (Pardon Papers) 1837-1947. MSA S1031, MdHR 5401-44, 2/46/2/4. Baltimore City Court entry.

Petition by the members of the jury to Governor Philip Francis Thomas recommending the pardon of Ann Matthews, 1848. (Transcript)

Petition by neighbors to Governor Philip Francis Thomas asking for the pardon of Ann Mathews, 1848.

Letter, Levin W. Tall to Governor Philip Francis Thomas against the character of Ann Mathews, October 17, 1848.

Petition in against the pardon of Ann Matthews, 1848. (Transcript)

Pardon note signed P.F.T., 1848.

Maryland State Archives SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Maryland State Archives Map Collection), Map of the City of Baltimore, 1838. MSA SC1427-24. B5/01/01.

Crop of map showing southern Baltimore City including Light, Hill, and Lee Streets.

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