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Kennedy Farmhouse: John Brown's Headquarters
Sharpsburg, Md.
The headquarters of radical abolitionist John Brown known as the Kennedy Farmhouse, is where Brown planned and executed his famous 1859 raid on the federal armory at nearby Harper's Ferry. For three months Brown stockpiled weapons and tools, met with his supporters - who included three escaped slaves and two free Blacks — and poured over maps and plans at this location, which he rented. The Kennedy Farmhouse at 2406 Chestnut Road has been declared a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service. It is privately owned, but is open to the public for tours by appointment.

Ferry Hill Plantation
Sharpsburg, Md.
The Ferry Hill mansion, located on a 700-acre plantation in the Antietam Valley, was built around 1810 by John Blackford], a white slaveholder who cut timber and raised livestock. There are at least half a dozen documented runaways from the plantation and its surrounding area between 1829 and 1839. During the Civil War, Ferry Hill was involved with the Battle of Antietam; the grounds and house were occupied by both Confederate and Union armies. In recent years, the Ferry Hill plantation served at the headquarters of the C&O Canal National Historic Park. Located along Route 34.

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