Pathways to Freedom: Maryland and the Underground Railroad
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These lesson plans and activity plans have been written to help you utilize this site. A Lesson Plan is very detailed, and can take several days to accomplish. An Activity Plan is designed for one class period. Those with a Reader icon were written with a focus on the reader.

Lesson Plans

» Whispers from the Past

» Building a Memorial to the Underground Railroad

» Counting the Miles to Freedom: Exploring the World of Harriet Tubman


Reader icon » Make Your Own Quilt Activity Evaluation

Reader icon » Group Questioning Activity

Reader icon » Fill in the Clues! (Student view)

Reader icon » Frame That Conductor! (Student view)

Reader icon » Which Way to Freedom? (Student view)

Reader icon » Escape This Way! (Student view)

Reader icon » Freedom's Song (Student view)

Reader icon » Signs to Freedom (Student view)

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