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Teacher Tips: Teacher Toolbox for the Pathways to Freedom Website

Welcome to the Teacher Toolbox. We've assembled a variety of tools for you to use to help students of all reading abilities use this site. These tools offer proven strategies and techniques that can help students negotiate and understand different kinds of texts. Some tools have special handouts (called flyers) that you can duplicate and give to students.

Adjusting the Rate of Reading
Learn strategies to help students adjust their rate of reading as they read different texts.

Watch Your Reading Speed!
Use this guide to help all readers decide the appropriate "reading speed" they should adapt for different kinds of texts.

Book Talks
Find out how to "market" books to your kids.

Classroom Libraries
Read hot tips to help you develop your own classroom library.

Clicks & Clunks
Help students monitor their own comprehension by giving them the vocabulary to discuss what is happening to them as they read.

Use this device to help students keep track of an emerging story.

Monitoring Comprehension
Learn techniques to monitor and assess how well students are making sense of what they read.

Find out how to effectively teach students to tell a story in their own words.
Preview Guides
Use this strategy to help tap and build on students' prior knowledge about the subject of a text.

Harness this powerful technique for checking understanding.

Help students develop their ability to present a condensed version of the information they find in a text.

Types of Context
Learn new ways of guiding students as they deal with different context clues writers use to unlock the meaning of challenging vocabulary.

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