Pathways to Freedom: Maryland and the Underground Railroad
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about the underground railroad
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It was a highly secretive system...

Use the links below or the navigation at the top to learn the basics about the Underground Railroad – what it was, how it worked and why it was necessary.

  1. What was the Underground Railroad?

  2. Why was it called that?

  3. Why did we have an Underground Railroad in the United States?

  4. What is slavery?

  5. Why did enslaved people run away?

  6. What kind of people worked with the Underground Railroad?

  7. What kinds of things did Underground Railroad volunteers do?

  8. Where did the Underground Railroad go?

  9. What routes did the Underground Railroad follow through Maryland?

  10. How could enslaved people travel on trains or ships without being discovered?

  11. Did enslaved people ever wear disguises?

  12. What happened if an enslaved person was caught while he or she was trying to escape?

  13. Do we know where all the Underground Railroad routes and stations were?

  14. If it was such a secret, how do we know about it today?

  15. Can I ride on the Underground Railroad today?

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