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What was life like for slaves and free blacks?

Use the links below or the navigation at the top to learn about slavery and the life of slaves and free blacks in Maryland.

  1. What is slavery?

  2. Have other countries ever had slavery?

  3. Did all slaves in the United States come from Africa?

  4. Were all Africans slaves?

  5. Did all slaves live on plantations?

  6. Could any slaves read and write?

  7. When did slavery end in Maryland?

  8. If slavery was so horrible, why did it ever take place?

  9. What about the Declaration of Independence?
    It says that "all men are created equal" and that everyone has the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." How could we believe that and still allow slavery?

  10. Were there a great many slaves in Maryland?

  11. What about free blacks? How many people of African descent in Maryland were free?

  12. Were many children slaves?

  13. Did slaves live in all parts of Maryland?

Why did slaves run away?

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