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Teacher Reading Tips: Before, During, and After Reading Strategies

In this section, you can´┐Ż

  • See when to employ reading strategies
  • Learn about specific strategies
  • Review assessment strategies
  • Review instruction with these strategies
  • Read suggested materials

    Reading strategies are employed before, during, and after reading. Some strategies can be used effectively in more than one time setting, as the chart below indicates.

    Before During After
    Activating Prior Knowledge X X  
    Previewing/Utilizing Text Structure X X  
    Setting a Purpose X X  
    Adjusting Rate of Reading   X  
    Predicting Ideas and Events X X  
    Using Imagery X X X
    Using Cueing Systems Effectively   X  
    Employing Vocabulary Techniques X X X
    Connecting Text to Experiences X X X
    Monitoring Comprehension   X X
    Checking for Understanding   X X

    Learn about specific strategies

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