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Teacher Reading Tips: Before, During, and After Reading Strategies

In this section, you can´┐Ż

  • See when to employ reading strategies
  • Learn about specific strategies
  • Review assessment strategies
  • Review instruction with these strategies
  • Read suggested materials

    Providing Instruction in Strategies

    Providing effective instruction in reading strategies follows the same sequence found in models of effective instruction, such as:

    1. Basing initial instruction on more than one piece of evidence of need.

    2. Providing direct instruction of sufficient length and duration to provide opportunities for developing competence and automaticity.

    3. Appropriate modeling of the skill or strategy.

    4. Providing opportunities for guided and independent practice.

    5. Providing positive feedback as students produce closer approximations to the desired behavior.

    6. Opportunities to employ the newly learned skills.

    7. Providing periodic reviews and extensions.

    In addition to these general guidelines, strategy instruction is enhanced when students are shown:

    a) how the strategies can be combined, for example; how previewing the text can help students set a purpose and select a pace for reading,
    b) and given opportunities to practice strategies with a variety of text,
    c) how strategies can be used for in and out-of-school reading.

    Read suggested materials

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