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Teacher Reading Tips: Before, During, and After Reading Strategies

In this section, you can´┐Ż

  • See when to employ reading strategies
  • Learn about specific strategies
  • Review assessment strategies
  • Review instruction with these strategies
  • Read suggested materials

    Materials for Strategy Instruction

    The materials necessary to teach strategies are not specialized. They are the regular classroom materials that teachers use with students. However, the teacher should be purposeful in choosing materials that support specific strategy instruction. For example:

    • Activating Prior Knowledge
      Use texts that contain content familiar to students.

    • Previewing/Utilizing Text Structure
      Identify texts or portions of texts that are clear and obvious examples of a particular text structure.

    • Adjusting Rate of Reading
      Select texts that are both easy and difficult to model and provide practice of the need to vary the rate.

    • Using Imagery
      Identify texts rich in words that can evoke images (adjectives, adverbs) that occur in setting and character descriptions.

    • Employing Vocabulary Techniques
      Select texts or passages that have examples of the types of context for which you are providing instruction.
    The strategies that are explained in this section will be imbedded in the Lesson Plans With a Reading Focus in the Underground Railroad website.

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